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We Bring the World to Your Plate

Brasserie 2.0 offers a revolving array of culinary treats infused with exotic global and local flavours. Our chefs bring to life some of the finest multicultural cuisine a la minute. From the freshest seafood to your favourite cuts from the outdoor grill, our bread and cheese counter to the pizza or tandoor oven.
Au Soleil Brunch at Brasserie 2.0

Au Soleil Brunch

Inspired by the history and charm of the Côte d'Azur, our Au Soleil brunch promises a stunning location and tempting menu, without leaving the heart of Dubai. Indulge in a world of multicultural flavours and tastes that the chefs bring to life before your eyes.
Friday Barbecue (BBQ) Brunch

Evening BBQ Brunch

Our Evening BBQ Brunch promises something for each and everyone to end their week on a good note!
Unwinding Lunch at Brasserie 2.0

Unwinding Sunday

After a fun-filled weekend, a comforting meal in a relaxing atmosphere is all you need to fight off those on-coming Monday blues.